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GLMULTI Power Tips

The following Power Tip comes to us from Scott’s Add-in user and Excel guru, David Clements. David provides insights on how to leverage the =SCOTT.GLMULTI function and Excel.  Thank you, David! The new =SCOTT.GLMULTI function allows multiple account inputs. While this method of selecting individual cells or ranges may be appealing to some, it is …

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New Function GLMULTI

We have added a new function =SCOTT.GLMULTI . This powerful new function allows the user to specify non-consecutive GL accounts. The user can also specify a range in the formula. The syntax is: =SCOTT.GLMULTI (OrgID, StartDate, EndDate, [Accounts], [Accounts],…..) Here is an example: =SCOTT.GLMULTI (A1, A2, A3, B5, B8, B10:B15, B20) Where: A1 = Scotts …

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Using Wildcards for function =SCOTT.QALL

We have added a new feature to function =SCOTT.QALL . Wildcards are now supported as values for parameters Class, Customer, Department, and Vendor. Wildcards open up all sorts of possibilities for building powerful dashboards to analyze financial results. A wildcard allows you to include ALL transactions for a parameter, regardless of the value of the …

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Budgeting just got easier with =SCOTT.XBUDGET

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest custom function for Excel and Xero, =SCOTT.XBUDGET. As you might expect, this function allows you to populate a cell in your Excel sheet with budget data you have entered in Xero. Here’s the syntax: =SCOTT.XBUDGET (OrgID, budget name, account code, beginning date, end date) A …

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New function =XTRACKR is here!

=XTRACKR extends our add-in for Xero, by allowing you to specify a range of Xero GL account codes, tracking category, and tracking option. The syntax looks like this =XTRACKR (Begin Account Code, Ending Account Code, Tracking Category,Tracking Option,Start Date,End Date) Some “use cases” of =XTRACKR include building a matrix P&L with departments or stores in …

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