New function =XTRACK is here!

During our launch of Scott’s Add-ins at Xerocon, we heard from a number of Xero advisors about the importance of having an Excel function that addresses Xero‘s Tracking Category capabilities. With this in mind, we have developed our newest function


=XTRACK extends our add-in for Xero, by allowing you to specify the Xero GL account code, tracking category, and tracking option. The syntax looks like this

=XTRACK(Account Code,Tracking Category,Tracking Option,Start Date,End Date)

  • if you wish to select journal entries that do NOT have an assigned Tracking Category, simply leave the Tracking Category blank. For example, =XTRACK(Account Code,,,Start Date,End Date)

Some “use cases” of =XTRACK include

  • building a matrix P&L with departments or stores in one column, and varying financial periods in the other columns.
  • percentage comparisons from one Tracking Option to another.

Here’s a two minute video that walks you through the new function.

Give it a try, and create some beautiful, financial art!

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