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Product Tips

GLMULTI Power Tips

The following Power Tip comes to us from Scott’s Add-in user and Excel guru, David Clements. David provides insights on how to leverage the =SCOTT.GLMULTI function and Excel.  Thank you, David! The new =SCOTT.GLMULTI function allows multiple account inputs. While this method of selecting individual cells or ranges may be appealing to some, it is …

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New Function GLMULTI

We have added a new function =SCOTT.GLMULTI . This powerful new function allows the user to specify non-consecutive GL accounts. The user can also specify a range in the formula. The syntax is: =SCOTT.GLMULTI (OrgID, StartDate, EndDate, [Accounts], [Accounts],…..) Here is an example: =SCOTT.GLMULTI (A1, A2, A3, B5, B8, B10:B15, B20) Where: A1 = Scotts …

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Using Wildcards for function =SCOTT.QALL

We have added a new feature to function =SCOTT.QALL . Wildcards are now supported as values for parameters Class, Customer, Department, and Vendor. Wildcards open up all sorts of possibilities for building powerful dashboards to analyze financial results. A wildcard allows you to include ALL transactions for a parameter, regardless of the value of the …

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Sharing workbooks created with Scott’s add-in

Updated: January 7, 2023 You will note that we added an additional step to the authentication process.  After the connect window, users are now able to select the specific organizations that will be used with the Excel workbook.  After selecting the organizations, you will only see those organizations under the add-in Organizations tab. When you …

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Using the add-in with multiple QuickBooks users

To allow multiple QuickBooks users to be connected via the add-in to the same QuickBooks company (organization), simultaneously, you will need to deploy this workaround.  Please create a new QuickBooks user ID with QuickBooks admin privileges.  Your add-in users will use this ID to connect to QuickBooks from within the add-in. For example, create a …

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Budgeting just got easier with =SCOTT.XBUDGET

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest custom function for Excel and Xero, =SCOTT.XBUDGET. As you might expect, this function allows you to populate a cell in your Excel sheet with budget data you have entered in Xero. Here’s the syntax: =SCOTT.XBUDGET (OrgID, budget name, account code, beginning date, end date) A …

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Orphans: solving for Xero bank accounts with no account code

When adding a bank account to Xero, the user is not required to assign an account code to the account.  The user can, in the future revisit this decision and assign an account code at a later date.  However, the Scott’s Add-in database does not recognize any historical transactions made to the account PRIOR to …

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