#NAME, Funcres, Solver and other beasts

#NAME is the error Excel returns when it cannot determine the syntax in your formula.  As of this writing, we are seeing more frequent instances of #NAME being related to formulas that have been modified by Excel itself.  Rather nefarious.  

An example of one of these is =FUNCRES.xlam =SCOTT_GLACCOUNT SOLVER.xlam

The cause of this is directly related to the Excel add-ins that come with Excel, out-of-the-box.  The SOLVER add-in is visible in your list of add-ins in Excel.  FUNCRES however is part of the Analysis ToolPack add-in that also comes with Excel.  These add-ins are like invasive species, that sometimes insert themselves into the formulas that contain other add-ins like SCOTTS.

Repairing the damage can range from easily fixable, to laborious.  Simply unchecking the add-ins, restarting Excel, and re-opening your workbook, can fix all of the affected cells.  If this does not save the problem, the user is faced with repairing the damage via search and replace, or manually modifying the formulas.

Even if you have not had an issue to date, we recommend disabling these add-ins by unchecking them.

To help further insure yourself against this problem, we recommend always having (2) backup copies of your workbooks.  Why two?  One to revert back to and try again with, and another in case the first backup becomes corrupted when you try it.

Lastly, we have seen where Excel updates, and then switches the SOLVER and Analysis ToolPack back to active status. 

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