Making accounting and finance folks happy

How it started

We are a weird bunch of finance and technology types, based in the heartland of the U.S. The accounting folks grew weary of exporting, importing, parsing, column changing, etc, etc. So we created the add-in. The accounting and finance folks are very happy now.

What we’re all about

The team at Scott’s Add-ins delights in creating software that is intuitive, yet powerful. So extending the power of Excel to integrate with accounting systems was a natural fit for us. We are always thinking about the next great =SCOTT function that will save time and be a joy to use.

And who is this Scott guy?

Our founder, Scott, earned a degree in accounting, but never became an accountant. Instead, he caught the technology bug, and became an entrepreneur. Scott’s Add-ins is his latest creation, focusing on improving the lives of accounting and finance people across the globe.

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