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    What version of Excel do I need to have to use Scott's Add-Ins?

    Scott's Add-ins is developed to work with desktop and online versions of Excel. If using Excel for desktop, verify your system is running a compatible version before subscribing. Minimum compatible versions are:
    • Office on Windows (version 1904 or later, connected to Office 365 subscription)
    • Office on Mac (version 16.24 or later, connected to Office 365 subscription).

    What's an add-in?

    An add-in for Excel, is additional functionality that is added to your "out of the box" Excel. In this case, you will be adding the custom functions that we have developed. The functions currently available are =XGL, =XRANGE, =XDESC, =XTRACK.

    Can I use multiple Xero organisations with the add-in?

    Yes! Scott's Add-Ins subscriptions are per organisation. Just be sure to purchase a subscription for each Xero organisation you wish to attach to Excel.

    What happens if I don't renew a subscription for an organisation?

    Your spreadsheet will no longer be refreshed with current Xero data.