New Function GLMULTI

We have added a new function =SCOTT.GLMULTI . This powerful new function allows the user to specify non-consecutive GL accounts. The user can also specify a range in the formula. The syntax is:

=SCOTT.GLMULTI (OrgID, StartDate, EndDate, [Accounts], [Accounts],…..)

Here is an example:

=SCOTT.GLMULTI (A1, A2, A3, B5, B8, B10:B15, B20)


A1 = Scotts Org ID
A2 = StartDate
A3 = EndDate
B5 = account code
B8 = account code
B10:B15 = a range of accounts
B20 = account code

Two accounts are summed up, a range of accounts added, then another account.
A few things to note:

GLMULTI will accept account descriptions in place of account codes.
If an inactive account is included a range, its balance will be included in the sum.
Invalid account codes will be ignored, and will not result in #VALUE.

Please enjoy using GLMULTI to create financial art!

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