5 Tips to Decrease Recalc Time

You may have just a few hundred cells in your Excel sheet that contain =SCOTT functions.  Or you may have 400,000. Yes, we do have a user who has that many!  As your use of the add-in grows, and your sheets become larger, you may experience longer recalculation times.  

Here a 5 tips to decrease your recalculation time.

  1. When first building your sheet, in Excel Preferences, set calculation to manual.  This will prevent the =SCOTT functions from recalculating as you add new formulas.
  2. Close other sheets.  When you trigger a recalc using the add-in, Excel performs a recalc on ALL currently open spreadsheets. Closing sheets that you don’t need access to, will decrease the calc time.
  3. Eliminate unneeded cells.  Take some time to review your sheet and see if there might be some =SCOTT cells that are no longer needed.  Delete those where possible.
  4. Judiciously use =SCOTT.RANGE functions.  This function requires a lot of CPU processing power due to the initial searching and sorting to determine which account codes fall into the range.  If you just need to specify a few cells in a range, consider using =GL functions and the =SUM command to total those up.
  5. Be sure to have a stable, relatively fast Internet connection.  Even though most of the recalc processing is done on our servers, sending the results back to your sheet does require some bandwidth.

Happy recalculating!

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