9 Excel & Financial Reporting Influencers to Follow 

Excel isn’t just a spreadsheet; it’s a battleground for the brainy, a playground for the number-savvy.

Think of the Excel Championships–it’s like the Olympics but for spreadsheets! 

Here are the top influencers who are making Excel and financial reporting look cooler than ever:

1. Danielle Stein Fairhurst: Queen of Financial Modelling

Author of “Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling,” Danielle makes Excel seem as easy as pie. Her workshops? A treasure trove for anyone ready to dive into the deep end of financial modelling, or even those just getting started. 

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2. Diarmuid Early: The LeBron James of Excel

Yes, you read that right. Diarmuid Early crushes Excel challenges faster than it takes to make a cup of coffee. His 30-minute Excel challenge completed in just 2 minutes is nothing short of Excel wizardry. And his YouTube channel with 5K followers is full of problem-solving puzzles using Excel. 

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3. Ken Puls: The Excel Guru

Ken Puls, a well-known figure in the Excel community, is famous for his blog, Excelguru. His insights into data analysis and Power Query are invaluable for professionals seeking to delve deeper into Excel’s capabilities.

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4. Giles Male: The Excel Athlete

Co-founder of Full Stack Modeller, an exclusive community for highly motivated finance professionals, Giles isn’t just about Excel; he’s about endurance – in both spreadsheets and sports. When not training for ultra-marathons, he’s coaching clients to Excel greatness.

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5. Myles Arnott: The Excel Educator

Myles, another co-founder of Full Stack Modeller, brings a fresh perspective to financial modelling education. His online course is an all-you-need buffet of Excel skills, catering to finance pros of all levels. 

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6. Mynda Treacy: The Dashboard Designer

Mynda Treacy, known for her comprehensive online courses, specializes in Excel dashboards and data visualization. Her practical approach helps users turn data into insightful, decision-making tools.

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7. Leila Gharani: Excel Simplified

Leila Gharani’s YouTube channel is a gold mine for those looking to enhance their Excel skills. Her straightforward tutorials on complex Excel functions make her a favorite among learners of all levels.

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8. Jon Acampora: The Automation Ace

Jon Acampora of Excel Campus is known for his focus on Excel automation and VBA programming. His tips and tricks can save hours of manual work, making him a go-to resource for efficiency seekers.

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9. Bill Jelen (MrExcel): The Excel Entertainer

Bill Jelen, aka MrExcel, combines humor with expertise to make learning Excel fun. His books, YouTube channel, and forum are rich resources for anyone looking to up their Excel game.

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Are You Ready for Excel-lence?

So there you have it, the top 9 mavens of Excel and financial reporting who are taking the spreadsheet world by storm. 

They’re not just teaching Excel; they’re turning it into an adventure, a challenge, and a whole lot of fun. 

Excel is not just a tool, but a way to unlock potential, solve puzzles, and maybe, just maybe, change the way you see numbers forever.  

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