Webinar: How To Build Bespoke Management Accounts in less than 60 Minutes

Are you an accountant struggling with time-consuming financial reporting? Tired of the limited flexibility of reporting apps and the endless manual updates in Excel?

In this webinar, specially designed for busy accounting firms, as Excel financial modelling pro, Myles Arnott, guides you through refining your reporting skills.

What you’ll gain:
✅ Actionable strategies to transform your reporting process
✅ Quick methods to create custom P&L reports in <60 minutes
✅ The opportunity for a live Q&A with an Excel financial modelling expert

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your firm’s reporting capabilities.

This event is hosted by Jordan Vickery of Journey and proudly presented by Scott’s Add-ins in collaboration with XU Magazine. Let’s debunk the myth that Excel is only for basic number-crunching, and show you how it can be a powerhouse for insightful analysis and strategic decision-making.

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